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Convert 2D images into 3D and augmented reality, super fast.
Create augmented reality (AR) experiences and add them to your Shopify store, super-fast.

CartMagician has been designed for online retailers who want to offer an immersive AR shopping experience, but don’t have the design or web development experience required to create 3D models. CartMagician is an affordable & easy way to create AR content that improves the shopping experience for your customers, increases sales & reduces product returns. In just a few clicks you can turn 2D images of your designs (in JPEG or PNG) into beautiful 3D models & add them directly to your Shopify site. Customers then have a digital twin of your product to interact with as they shop online. Conveniently turning their environment into their own show room.

Engage customers with WebAR

We developed CartMagician so you can give customers the ultimate ‘try-before-you-buy’ experience by bringing your products to life inside your customer’s world via WebAR. WebAR is an AR format that allows customers to interact with your products without downloading an app. Customers simply open a URL in a web browser on their smartphone & use their camera to view AR content.

CartMagician’s easy-to-use features
With CartMagician you can:

  • * Use a simple drag & drop user interface which guides you through the 2D image conversion process.
  • * Convert 2D images into AR with 3D previews so your Android & Apple users can view the WebAR content on your site.
  • * Automatically assign the AR file you’ve created back to your Shopify product or to a completely new product with one click.
  • * Convert existing images from your Shopify Product Media library or import brand new images as your product range grows.
  • * Choose from a regularly updated library of 3D templates including picture frames, canvas, curtains, rugs, cushions & more.
  • * Preview your AR files using your own mobile device before you publish them to your site.
  • * Revisit projects & edit your files whenever you need to – all your work is stored in the ‘AR Conversions’ area.
  • * Convert images individually – this is particularly useful if you want to match each piece of artwork with a different frame.
  • * Convert multiple product images quickly using the bulk conversion tool. Just upload a zip file with your images, choose a template & convert!
Best of all, you can do all of this without leaving your Shopify account!

Converting your entire product range into WebAR couldn’t be easier.

Our Bulk Conversions tool, combined with our unique template system eliminates repetitive conversions.

One single 3D template can be used for your entire product range so you can replicate & grow your 3D & AR product catalogue quickly. Plus, using the same template keeps your brand consistent across your website.

Start adding some magic today!
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