Cartinator - Cart Analytics
Cartinator - Cart Analytics

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Cart analytics that help you to sell what customers want

Your store is your cart!

Cartinator is a new app that allows you a complete view of how your customers are interacting with the cart.

Cartinator is the perfect app for any store owner who has struggled to understand which products are added to carts. It instantly displays all the carts and their content. With its easy-to-use reporting functions, it will be a breeze to understand your customers and products.

You have access to the following features:

  • * Number of carts created during the selected date range and compared to the previous range
  • * Carts that have converted and comparison to the previous date range
  • * Cart conversion rate
  • * List of all carts with all the products that are in them
  • * Detailed view of the cart
  • * Ability to exclude carts from reporting (Basic plan only)

Tailor your marketing
Use the cart insights to market products that are in high demand.

Know your best products
See a detailed breakdown of your customers' shopping carts.

Understand your store's shopping cart
Are you making the most of your store? Find out with detailed cart analytics.
Free plan available
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