Caramel – social e‑commerce
Caramel – social e‑commerce
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Revolution in promotion of products in social media
Caramel is a sales channel connecting your Shop with new customers via social media influencers. Social media influencers are people/companies that make a living of social media networks (e.g. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube): bloggers, entertainers, content makers, etc. Pay for Results Only One of the most exciting things about Caramel is the fact that you pay a share of purchased products only. In the traditional Ads, you pay for clicks and views, which may never get converted into buying customers. Using Caramel will bring you benefits only, there is no scenario where you may lose using our sales channel. Reach the Right Audience Most of the influencers produce themed content, and they know exactly what their audience needs. Their recommendations are much more valuable to the audience than regular ads. The other advantage is that you will have access to bloggers of any size, not the largest ones, but all of them. How it Works You install Caramel into your Shop and specify the Reward. Caramel imports the products that you'd like to sell via the channel. An influencer/blogger/anyone with a decent audience chooses a product and copies the corresponding referral link. The influencer promotes the product and specifies his/her referral link. His/her audience buys the linked product. As soon as the Shop gets a successful purchase, the specified Reward is paid to the owner of the referral link.
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