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Bright Product Reviews

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Product Reviews with Photo/Video, Amazon & Ali Reviews, Q/A
Bright Product Review APP helps merchants to collect reviews with Photos & Videos that look great. We understand the challenges in the competitive market & continuously working hard to help our merchants in online selling.

Key Features

  • Reviews with Photo & Videos - Encourage customers to add reviews with Photos & Videos.
  • Beautiful & Customized Layout - The APP provides beautiful layout options with List, Grid, Masonry & Slider view of 2-Columns, 3-Columns & 4 Columns layout.

  • Import Amazon Reviews - More reviews convert the visitors into more sales. Import the reviews from the products listed on Amazon by just entering the product ASIN number or product URL. The reviews will be automatically added to the product pages.

  • Import AliExpress Reviews - Simply import reviews from AliExpress products just entering the Product Url OR Product ID.

  • Customizations - High-level customization options.

  • Automatic Review Requests - Schedule automatic emails for submitting reviews once your customer makes an order.

  • Manual Review Requests - Send review request emails with simple clicks.

  • Discount Coupons - Send discount coupons to your customers for submitting the reviews.

  • Questions and Answers- Reply to customer's questions instantly. The Q&A list will be displayed on the product pages.

  • Add Questions and Answers- Add the common Q/A for the products from the APP admin which will display on the product pages.
Free plan available
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