BRIEF ‑ Daily Order Analytics
BRIEF ‑ Daily Order Analytics
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Revenue insights and trends delivered to your inbox every day
The days of not having time to dig into your store's analytics are over!

As a busy store owner, it's hard to find time to dig into the analytics and trends of your store. Brief Analytics brings the insights to where you already spend your time: your email inbox!

BRIEF - Daily Order Analytics delivers:
* Order and revenue insights that help you run your store
* Analytics and insights with no time commitment on your part
* Information where you are already looking: your email inbox
* Time savings by giving you the key insights proactively
* Customized experience that allows you to have emails delivered to multiple different people

Key insights in each email:
* Number of orders + 30 day and 1 year comparison
* Total revenue + 30 day and 1 year comparison
* Average order value + 30 day and 1 year comparison
* Top 3 best selling items
* Order trend over the last week
5-day free trial
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