Brandify: Match your branding
Brandify: Match your branding

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Featured over 1 year Ago
Cursor modification, click animation, edit scroll & smoothness
Inlove, with branding.
Branding nowadays is essential for every company, each brand should be unique and have its own vibe around it. With Brandify we give you the opportunity to tweak certain elements and input actions on your online store to bring your brands vibe to your online customers, build trust and make people fall in love with your brand even more!

Pre-selected cursors
- 10 cursors to choose from

Upload own cursor
- Match your branding with your own cursor

Scroll modification
- Modify the scroll colors, width, shadows & hover events

Scrolling smoothness
- Add smooth scrolling to your store, check our preview store and scroll.

Content protection ( Right click, image dragging, text markup)
- Prevent content copying on desktop and mobile, image dragging, text markup and code inspect key combinations
Free plan available
Brand Scroll Mouse Smooth scroll Cursor



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