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Engage customers with rewards, points & referral program
About BON Loyalty & Rewards

What makes us different from other loyalty apps?

  • Dedicated & friendly support team; Always willing to help
  • Easy to use - No coding skill needed
  • Weekly improvements based on your feedback (You can vote for new features)
What benefits will you get?

1. Create natural brand ambassadors and increase brand awareness via BON's referral feature:

-Gain new visitors and generate organic traffic for your store using our flexible referral program with both percentage discounts and loyalty points

-Save tons on Customer Acquisition (CAC) spending via other marketing methods

2. Boost your store’s customer retention rate by:

-Increasing purchase frequency: Attract your customers with various chances to earn more points including signing up, completing an order, or interacting on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

-Increasing repeat customer rate: Motivate customers to make a second purchase to redeem points and get discounts, coupons, free shipping, or free products

-Increasing Average Order Value (AOV): Customers are encouraged to spend more money in your store on each transaction to get more points. Buy more to get more.

3. Easier to convert leads into sales with a user-friendly interface:

-Grow your conversion rate: easier for your customers to reach your call-to-action buttons to sign up, purchase a product, refer a friend, etc

-Make your brand stand out using our advanced customization function to create a unique look with your own icon, banner, color, and more

-Amaze your customers from start to finish with our stunning reward program's widget

4. Time-saving setup process:

-No coding required - Easy for anyone to set up

-Only takes a few minutes to begin - A quick and effortless process

-Personalize your loyalty points’ name to match your branding

Create a strong bond between you and your customer with BON Loyalty now!




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