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Google Shopping Price Tracking & Dynamic Pricing
World's Fastest Price Tracking & Dynamic Pricing App

Competitor Price Monitoring & Tracking

Track all your Google Shopping competitors automatically and in real-time. Test our free trial and check our data quality by yourself!

Price updates 8x / daily

To have the best data quality in the market you need to have a high price tracking frequency. At Boardfy we check each product price 8 times a day, and we pull new product prices data every 30 minutes into our dashboard.

World's Fastest Dynamic Pricing

Update your prices automatically based on your competitors prices, and your margins or reference prices. Boardfy can execute thousands of price changes every 30 minutes.

Real-Time Price Updates on Google Merchant

Everytime you make a price change from Boardfy it gets automatically updated on Google Merchant. Forget about the 2-3 hours delay everytime you update your feed!

Automated Products Matching

Stop wasting your time by manually matching your products. Boardfy automatically matches all your products with your GTIN, UPC or EAN code.

Catalogue & Tags Management

Boardfy automatically imports your variants prices, tags, collections, costs and all the information you have on your Shopify Store. You can also filter your catalogue based on your needs!

Cancel Anytime

We prefer our customers to stay with us because they love our App! So feel free to cancel your plan anytime without any reason.

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