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BLoop: Rewards & Referrals

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Referral Program urges friend buying and grows purchase loops
About BLoop: Rewards & Referral Programs
BLoop Rewards & Referral program app helps build powerful referral programs to boost sales and escalates customer lifetime value through referral bonuses, incentives, and so on. 🙆

🌞 Launch Robust Referral Programs
BLoop Loyalty & Referrals delight both referrers and referees with a set of sales-hook rewards tailored to each side, which lures them to stick closer to your brand.

- Easily set up specific rewards rules (Fixed Discount/Percentage Discount) for referrers and referees to target better and improve your bottom line;
- Impress visitors by quickly customizing a unique design of the dedicated referral page without any code skills requirement;
- Run a comprehensive referral program in the blink of an eye and see your sales soaring.

🌞 Leverage the Benefits of Multiple Channel Sharing
Once the referral program is live, the activity of earn and refer takes place, which positively influences the site traffic and brand identity.

  • - Motivate customers to refer a friend by sharing referral links via email, Facebook, Twitter, and other social channels;
  • - Push traffic up and approach a wider pool of customers on a diversity of promotion channels;
  • - Boost your social proof by igniting word-of-mouth marketing.
🌞Inform Store Owners About the Referral Program's Effectiveness right at Dashboard
Now, more and more customers keep refer a friend to earn discounts/ other incentives, what's next? You would need an effective management way to dig into referring behaviors and foster their works.

  • - Keep Referrers and Referees well informed of any changes by email delivery;
  • - Show metrics on the referral program dashboard to get an overview of the referral status;
  • - Put revenue and referrer/ referee information under a neat grid table to monitor their performance.
Fast and easy installation from the get-go. No code required!

Establish firm buying loops with BLoop Rewards & Referral Programs for FREE now.

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