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The AI-powered product image editing platform.
Product images matter! Did you know that product images are one of the most important opportunities for driving better conversion rates in your Shopify store?

Better product images drive sales and decrease returns. Up until this point, creating them was a purely manual and time-consuming effort once the images arrive at your door from the photography session or from your vendors. Now? The paradigm changes thanks to our AI-powered product image editing technology.

Finally, there’s an easy and fast way to edit your product images for your Shopify store, directly in Shopify.

With autoRetouch, a merchant is able to simply define workflows (an automated processing sequence in which images are then edited) and automatically edit product images in bulk.

  • Resizing and other dimension changes for your images? Done!
  • Replacing the background? Done!
  • Editing Model photography? Done!
  • Editing Mannequin photography? Done!
All automatically, directly in your Shopify environment.

In an autoRetouch workflow, you link up AI-powered image editing components to create an end-to-end editing sequence that can edit hundreds of product images at once directly in Shopify.

Simply automate highly repetitive and non-creative steps like background removal, skin retouch, canvas definition and truly upgrade the user experience for your customers by using high-quality product images going forward and experimenting with the look and feel of your store actively.

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