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File manager & Digital Downloads for assets up to 1.5gb size
AnyAsset allows you to upload large files within your Shopify admin panel which can then be linked to within your store using a unique link, or attached to a product to allow digital downloading. A good example of the digital download use would be for attaching user manuals for the product purchased, or the actual digital file if the product purchased is a digital download. Max File Size: 1.5GB per file File Types: See here Documentation: See here Assets You can upload any asset up to 1.5GB each in file size which then generates a unique link for you to use within your store. AnyAsset currently allows 30+ different file types from images, videos, music, compressed files like ZIP and RAR and more. Each asset you upload can be given a download limit used in the below features. Digital Downloads From the assets you’ve uploaded, you can choose to link a specific asset to a specific product so when an order is placed that contains the product, an email containing a unique link is sent automatically to the customer. AnyAsset allows you to set a limit against an asset to prevent it from being downloaded too many times. You can use the parent limit given to the asset itself, or set a unique limit for the asset specific to the order and unique link that’s generated. Limit Control Set a limit against any asset to help control how many times the asset can be downloaded from the digital downloads. Each digital download can use either the parent limit of the asset, or you can override the parent limit with a unique limit for a specific order, customer, or download link. Email Configuration When a new order is placed within your store, if that order contains a product/s within the digital downloads, AnyAsset automatically sends that customer an email containing a unique link for downloading the asset. We give you the tools to adjust the email body, subject, signature, from name, and from email address. This enables you to keep emails consistent with your store and brand. Support We strive to offer the very best support for our users directly from the application using the built in support section. Submit a new ticket, check the status of existing tickets, notify us about bugs and new feature requests. All tickets are sent to our in-house support team who will get back to you the same day.
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