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AI tagging for products to increase customer search and sales
AI Tagit uses artificial intelligence to automatically tag products based on the images. Each time you generate tags for an product, we take the product image and analyse it for everything from colours, objects, backgrounds, features, categories, genders and more.

Adding relevant tags to your products is important for search within the store and AI Tagit helps provide and easy and simply way todo this quickly and efficiently.

Generate more sales and upsell products by giving the user results for more obscure searches. For example if a product image has a man wearing a shirt and a hat we return not only tags for ‘shirt’, ‘hat’, ‘man’ but also tags like ‘student’, ‘person’,’summer’,’leisure’,’rustic’, ‘clothing’ etc.

This means when users search for ‘Summer Clothing’ they are returned this product. This increases the chances of products being viewed and conversions to sales.

How the app works

We first sync all your products with our system allowing you to pick and choose what products you wish to generate tags for. Each product you generate returns a set of tags which you can remove should some not be necessary to the product. You can then save these tags to the product which updates the product within you Shopify account. Chose between replacing all tags for the product or appending new tags to a product to keep all existing tags.

You can choose 1 product or multiple products to generate tags for at the same time via the app, or via the Shopify Products page and when viewing a single product using the quick link within the ‘More Actions’ drop menus Shopify provides.


We support many languages for tag generation which enables you to change the language within the settings and append the same tags in multiple languages for the same product. This is especially useful for those that sell worldwide yet don’t have multiple stores. This is another huge advantage to upselling products and targeting specific products at specific countries.

Limits and Confidence

You can control how many tags you want returning from a generation or let it return everything our system finds for the product. Also you can control the Confidence of the AI system to filter in or out the least confident tags being returned. For some you may want a wide array of tags returning, for others you may want to set a high confidence level to return only the tags we are most sure about.

Remember artificial intelligence is only a suggestion and with time and more users generating tags, the system will learn from this resulting in better quality tags in the future.

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