Advance Auto Parts Search
Advance Auto Parts Search

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Advance Auto Part Search For Your Store Visitors
Advance Auto Parts Search app by Metizsoft allows the customers to find the products on your website easily by make, model, year or any additional features you have created with the help of this app. This app is hugely beneficial for the customers to find a specific product from the large range of products.

This search app provides powerful solutions for services and industries such as automotive eCommerce, spare parts, gloves, electronic products like printers or any other similar industry.

What else does this search app helps you with?

  • This Advance Auto Parts Search Shopify app manages the AAPS records by importing the existing CSV file and you can also assign products to AAPS rows.
  • It has easy to use template short-code to display advance auto parts search box on front-end.
  • You can use this app for assignment of multiple AAPS records to multiple products at once.
How does The Advance Auto Parts Search works?

  • The Advance Auto Parts Search is managed through assigning products to AAPS Records in add AAPS section. Here, various fields such as make, model, year and engine are recorded.
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